Environmental Footprint Digital Service


A side project to create a product that helps someone understand how their daily choices have an impact on the environment. By logging their recycling habits, users can understand the impact of their choices. The overall idea of the app is for users to log their recycling. Depending on the amount recycled, users will receive points that go towards a leaderboard where they can compete against their friends and for their university. As an extra incentive, these points wil also go towards collecting tree badges. If the user forgets to recycle for more than 2 weeks, their current tree dies and they will need to re-grow that tree.

Role & Duration

Product Designer
Product Thinking, UX Design, Visual Design

1 day

User Problems

After choosing university students as my target audience, I asked my friends and classmates about their recycling habits and reasons to why they don’t recycle or find it difficult.

Out of those people I asked, the main concerns were:

  • Too lazy/ takes up alot of time
  • Didn't know recycling depots existed
  • Not sure what can be recycled
  • Final Mockups

    The landing screen shows a short summary of the user's progress including the number of points they have in total and how many points they still need to earn their current badge. The amount is based on research of how much the average Canadian recycles per year.

    I chose to put the primary goal of the app, the 'Start Recycling' CTA, on this screen so users can easily input their data when they first enter the app.

    The 'Start Recycling button' takes the user to a form where they can log their recycling. After some research, I found the main categories you can recycle are Plastic, Paper, Metal, Electronics, Glass, and Batteries. Users can input the weight of each category or choose the number of items they have if they don't have access to that information.

    Submitting their recycling information gives them points as well as a recycling fact. The fact allows users to connect their actions to the impact it will have on the environment.

    The map feature allows users to search for the type of material they are planning to recycle to see where the local recycling depots are.

    The user's overall points count towards their university ranking. School competition provides students with additional incentive to both recycle and continue using the app.

    The profile page allows users to edit their profile and provides users with a history of their recycling and the badges they have earned.